Choosing the right cute and cuddly pet for you can be a tricky task. You have to find the species and the individual that is compatible with your needs and lifestyle. However, this is made even trickier by the fact that many people want to choose their pet responsibly. While many people have an affinity for “exotic animals” as well as conventional pets such as cats and dogs, they have also no doubt heard of the horror stories involving animals getting torn from their natural habitat and confined to miniscule cages in atrocious conditions while being shipped to unknowing animal lovers in western societies.

The Slow Loris

This particular instance of wildlife violation does not occur as much as some other more infamous examples. Nevertheless, this is still a practice that threatens an entire genus of animals. The Slow Lorises are among the smallest and most specialized of the primates, there are currently eight recognized species in the genus Nycticebus. Its small size and strange, huge eyes make it a favorite curiosity among affectionate humans.

Unfortunately, they do not make good pets. They have very specific diet and habitat requirements, are nocturnal and, believe it or not, are actually venomous. Details on the actual effects of the venom remain poorly known but dizziness and nausea are documented and at a few experts on the genus say that it is potentially lethal. One might think that difficult husbandry and a venomous bite would actually discourage illicit trade but sadly this is not so. Slow Lorises are often poached from their natural habitat in Southeast Asia and Indonesia by locals with profit on their minds. To make matters worse, most people who buy and sell the Lorises have very little idea how to properly care for them in captivity. Not only are they regularly mishandled and improperly fed but their front teeth are often cut or ripped out of their mouth, permanently damaging the animal. CLICK HERE to see a photo, but be warned it is graphic and disturbing associated with poaching.

Many of the people that watch the videos of the cute slow loris likely do not know that these horrors occur and would never buy an animal that was so cruelly mistreated before being sold as a pet. This is why this post is being written, to educate pet lovers around the world. Some animals are just not meant to be kept by the average pet owner. Do not buy slow lorises that have had its teeth removed. The poison is located in an elbow patch. The loris bites this an delivers it with its teeth, and any good handler knows a large enough animal with teeth requires preparations such Do not get any pet unless you are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that it leads a happy and healthy life.





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